“The world lays on a knives’ edge. After decades of peace, centuries of stable ruler ship… now all that lays in ruin. War has broken out between the Sultanate of Hesha and the Kingdom of Kimore. The Empire herself has been dragged into the bloody conflict along with her allies and now scrambles to defend herself against terrible foes. Roaming orc tribes in the North, decaying Dwarven Holds, bitter necromancy being conducted in the once sacred forests of the Elves, not to mention the countless incursions of Heshan soldiers against our southern border. The Empire of Vaelrius has no idea how close it is to utter destruction. For now though, very few people are convinced that these are the fabled Times of Woe. Yet to some, the signs are all to clear. The call has been sent to all who will listen, to any heroes loyal to the side of Light. Will you answer it?”

A Hero's Call